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Mobile Pallet Rack

Mobile Pallet Rack

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Sumi VHS
Suitable for warehouses with narrow space, has high stocking density
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Nationwide, worldwide

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Mobiphone:+84 903 510 686

Product & service detail

► Mobile Pallet Rack is a racking system, made up of double shelves, with a base that mounts the drive system and controls by PLC, normally the shelves will be stacked together, when need to import goods into any shelf, just press the button to control the shelves in the system to move on the fixed guide rail to create a way for the forklift to load the goods. The shelves stacked back to back only for a single forklift aisle, thus maximizing the floor area used by reducing the aisle space.
1. Product specification:
- Maximum safety height of 9 metres
- Increase inventory by more than 90%
- High cargo density, thanks to reduced forklift aisle
- Ability to choose pallets to import and export goods 100%
- The maximum safe height of the shelf is 9m
- Load capacity can be achieved: from 1000 - 6000Kg / 1 floor shelf
- Can use almost all types of forklifts
- Investment costs for Mobile Pallet Rack 
2. Product advantages:
- Make the most of warehouse space, maximize the area of ​​storage
- Increasing the amount of stored goods to more than 90%
- High stocking density, thanks to reducing forklift walkways
- Suitable for warehouses with narrow space
- Suitable for cold storage or extremely cold storage system
►Sumi VHS Industrial Production Joint Stock Company is a leading company in the field of manufacturing, providing shelf racks and construction engineering, industrial engineering products in Vietnam. With modern equipment and machines, a team of highly skilled workers, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of reputable and high quality shelves in Vietnam, serving all types of customers in the country and foreign.
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Sumi VHS Industrial Production Joint Stock Company

Floor 12, Licogi Building 13 No. 164 Khuat Duy Tien Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District,Ha Noi, Vietnam
+84 903 510 686

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Contact name: Hotline
Mobiphone: +84 903 510 686
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Contact name: Ms Amy Phung
Mobiphone: +84 914 261 828
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